Thursday, September 15, 2016

Metal Herb Grinders

You may be wondering if a grinder is a good investment. Perhaps you're poking around with some old scissors wondering if you should upgrade. Well, we can tell you this: a Gold Metal Herb Grindergrinder is literally one of the best investments that you as a frequent smoker can make.

How Grinders Help You

Grinders are going to help you be able to speed up and simplify the process of separating your dry herbs. They also make it much easierfor you to conserve your herbs when they are finely ground up.

It's an important note to remember that when you pull apart your herbs by hand, the pollen and other plant matter are most likely going to stick to your fingers. The problem with this is that you can very easily reduce the effects of the herbs as a result!

When herbs are ground up, they can be packed more tightly into a bowl or rolling papers. When your herbs are exposed to less oxygen, they are going to burn less before you inhale them and the airflow will dramatically increase, a major benefit.

Essentially, grinders are going to help give you more control over how fast and smoothly your herbs are going to burn.

Your grinder is also a good way to store small amounts of your herbs when you are not quite ready to use them yet. Our collection of herb grinders is here:

How Grinders are Manufactured

Grinders are:

  • Either made out of metal or plastic
  • Have at least two interlocking pieces that form as upper and lower chambers
  • Upper chambers contain different teeth that will slice and grind up any dry herb that you insert inside them
  • Ground up herbs will then fall through the small holes between the two pieces and land in the lower chambers
  • The number and shape of the teeth are going to vary by brand

Different Chambers

Many of your grinders you find on the market are going to have more than just the two chambers.

One very common chamber is going to be the grinder that has four pieces. The four-piece chamber typically has a bottom chamber that is separated from the other chambers by a metal mesh screen.

This metal mesh screen is meant to catch any pollen that falls off your herbs when you are grinding them up in your grinder. The grinder will then store your herbs you have ground up in a separate chamber so it they can be used whenever and however you like them to be used.

You can also find five-piece grinders are have a second mesh screen on them that is finer and will further separate the ground-up herbs you place in the grinder.


You should always make sure that you routinely clean your grinder in order to keep it from getting clogged and you never want to use a dirty grinder.


 You are going to find out that grinders are going to come in a variety of different sizes. The size of your grinder is not going to affect its function. The size of the grinder you have will only depend upon how much herbs you would like to grind up at one time.

We should also note that you don't necessarily need a $90 grinder. There are certainly levels of pricing, but to be fair, most users can get away with something under $50.




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