Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Comprehensive Guide To Incyclers

It's all in a name: incyclers are basically internal recyclers. They are a very popular water pipe and dab rig style for many smokers and dabbers these days, and that is for a few serious reasons.

A key one is that incyclers will give you smooth hits by making sure to keep water constantly moving throughout the water pipe. They are one of the best ways to break your smoke down to vapor and are most commonly used for dabbing concentrates but are also used as a pipe for smoking flower.

They typically feature a unique dual chamber design which houses a percolator that will begin the diffusion process. These chambers are perfect for getting the most flavor from your concentrates with superb functionality. After the vapor and water travel through the main chamber, it will then move through the separation tubes to the recycling chamber. The water and vapor loop will then move between the two chambers. The vapor will often pass through the percolators multiple times before leaving out of the mouth piece, which ensures it is completely filtered and smooth.


There are many benefits to using an incycler.  The second chamber is going to work as a splashguard which will make sure you won't find yourself with a mouthful of water. Another advantage of incyclers is that you get a constant filtration of the smoke as it passes through the loop from reservoir to second chamber. As the vapor is cycled, it will pass through the percolator numerous times to provide you with a clean dab every time. Hits are going to be cooler and allow for larger dabs. A great example of a fine piece is this 7" Klein Incycler by TAG.


The process is going to begin as vapor is going to be pulled into the primary percolator of the incycler. The vapor will diffuse into the pipe’s main chamber. Water and vapor are then going to be pulled into the internal section of the incycler. The intakes will be positioned at an angle which will maximize the vortex function characteristic of the incycler. Vapor will then make its way through the mouthpiece of the pipe and into your lungs. This is where water is going to be constantly drained through the internal section of the piece and replenishing the main chamber.

Why Use Incyclers

You should use incyclers because water is going to be constantly moving within the incycler and your vapor will have zero time to sit there and get stale. This is going to make sure that you will taste the full flavor of your waxes and oils. Incyclers are water-driven and the vapor will be cooled down to a comfortable temperature for your sweet enjoyment.

It is common to hear people that use incyclers to talk about how they love the drain on their incycler. What this basically means is the amount of time it takes for the internal chamber to replenish the main chamber and empty completely. When this happens, you exhale your dab which will take several seconds to completely carry out.

Dabbers will give you long and steady drains to perfected incycler function. If you find an incycler that drains for a while, you should grab it up. There are many budget-priced incyclers and scientific art incyclers, so there is one for everyone to get the most out of. Some of the Dab Rigs TAG makes do have incyclers. See them here.



Monday, August 29, 2016

Why Quartz Nails (Domeless Or Not) Are King for Dabs

Quartz nails are made of quartz crystal. A quartz nail has a somewhat massive ability to withstand high amounts of heat. Quartz nails are going to last longer compared to other nails because they are not going to break.

When choosing a nail, many smokers are going to choose quartz nails over titanium or ceramic nails because quartz nails are going to heat up three times as fast. Quartz is also considered safer and tastier for the lack of harmful gases that it can release. 

Additionally, quartz is ideal for lower temperature dabs on your wax rig.  A quartz nail can be quickly heated up and then allowed to cool to a temperature that will be better suited to capture the natural flavors of what you are smoking.  This is going to preserve your stash and give you better hits and more sweet, sweet clouds. As an important note, it is extremely important that you do not overheat quartz because it can still break at extremely high temperatures.

Knowing When A Quartz Nail is Heated Properly

It is easy to know when a quartz nail is heated up because you will see flecks of red that will start to glow in the quartz itself.  You should not heat quartz until the entire bottom is red because this is going to make your nail too hot. You should always allow for a cooling time of 10 to 60 seconds.  You should also make sure that you are also using a carb cap when taking low temperature dabs to make sure you are not wasting any of your concentrates.


When it comes to flavor, a clean quartz nail is going to have all of the benefits of glass. You will not lose the impact of the taste of your dab at all with the use of a quartz nail.

Cools off Fast

You sometimes have to be fast when using a quartz nail because quartz is going to cool off fast. Once you heat your nail, you have to be quick to put it to use otherwise you risk dropping oil into something else that is not going to create a vapor.

Seasoning of Quartz Nail

Quartz is a food-grade material and you can improve the flavor that you get off your quartz nail by seasoning it before using it. You can do this by simply heating your nail up and adding just a small amount of your essential oils or legal concentrate to the edge of the quartz nail. 

Some people like to use the reclaim from a previous sesh to season their nail in order to preserve their stash.  If you season quartz, you are going to avoid any burnt tastes from an overheated quartz nail.  Seasoning the quartz nail is going to enhance the natural flavors of your concentrate and give you the chance to experiment with different temperatures and different tastes.


Depending upon how you like to smoke your concentrates, you can always find a quartz nail that will work for you. Many people like quartz nails that are lightweight and that will keep heat away from their face. TAG's selection of quartz nails is here:

A quartz nail has a superior ability to withstand high amounts of heat. Any smoker can trust them to last and be far superior, definitely to glass, and depending on your personal choice, even titanium.



Friday, August 26, 2016

Cooling Down Your Smoke

If you want to cool down your smoke, it is as easy as using ice or glycerol. The following will explain in detail how you can easily do this process.

Thick glass water pipe with ice pinchUsing Ice to Cool Down Your Smoke

Water pipes do a lot in order to cool down your smoke just by filtering the hot, ash filled air through water. There are many people, even after running smoke through percolators, that believe the smoke created is still too harsh for them.

There are many different water pipes that will use an ice pinch, which is a tried and true method of cooling the smoke even more after it has passed through the water. Using ice is a wonderful way to cool hot smoke in order to make it condense and create a more powerful hit while also making it easier for you to inhale. This is especially true for smokers that have sensitive throats or lungs. TAG does sell some pretty cool water pipe ready ice cube molds here:

There are also kits that are available that allow you to smoke out of a smoke piece of ice that is molded into a functioning water pipe. Ice is very nice when you are looking for a cool smoke but it is going to have a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

When you use ice in an ice pinch, the melting is going to cause the water level to rise and this is very possible that it will cause a reduction in the functionality of the water pipe and it is also going to increase the chance of you getting water inside your mouth.

Using Glycerol to Cool Down Your Smoke

Glycerol (otherwise known as glycerin) is a simple compound that is made out of sugar alcohol and boasts a wide variety of useful attributes. Glycerin is useful to the functional glass industry because of the fact that it has an extremely high freezing point, which means that it can be cooled down to extreme temperatures without freezing and expanding.

Water pipes that utilize glycerin are going to have a hollow cavity somewhere on the piece that can be filled with glycerin. It will then need to be sealed either with a rubber stopper or a small amount of molten glass that is will be melted over the hole. Water could not be used for this purpose because it would expand in the freezer and crack the glass that houses it.

Beakers that have simple glycerin chambers with tubes going through the built in glycerin are going to provide you with more surface area available for cooling your smoke.

There are many ways that glass blowers create more surface area for smoke to travel through glycerin chambers. One common way to increase the surface area that is affected by the cooling power of glycerin is by the use of a glycerin coil. There are a wide variety of water pipes that have these glycerin coils.

To help save on freezer space, there are some glass blowers that include the glycerin chamber on a detachable portion of the piece. Beakers with a massive glycerin coil on a detachable neck can be kept in the freezer to cool while the beaker is filled with water and the bowl is filled. There are even some water pipes that can be modified to be a glycerin piece with the inclusion of an adapter.


Glycerin is a great option for cooling down your smoke. Remember, ice is nice to use in order to get your smoke cooled down but the best way to get your smoke cooled down is with the use of glycerin.



Monday, August 8, 2016

Water Pipes Vs. Dry Pipes

If you use a water pipe, whether you have a percolator or not, it is going to filter the tobacco and other legal substances that you put into the pipe, which in turn is going to make them healthier to smoke. 

water pipe with fritted discBelow we will talk about a few advantages you are going to get when you smoke with a water pipe compared to just smoking with a dry pipe:

Advantages of Using Water Pipes

  1. Easy to Use

Water pipes are easy to use, even if you are new to smoking. The bubbles that the water pipe is going to produce when you inhale are going to make the smoke smoother on your throat than even the average cigarette or cigar.

When you take shallower breaths for shorter time periods, it is going to help even a newcomer ease into the experience of smoking for the very first time.

  1. Smoother Smokes

Water pipes are used by so many smokers because they do not want to irritate their throat like when they smoke cigarettes, rolled up tobacco or cigars. The water that is in the pipe is going to kill off any bacteria in the smoke, which is going to offer you a cleaner inhalation while cool water will subsequently cool it.

This is going to reduce exposure to common smoking-related conditions, such as bronchitis, when used in moderation. While passing through the water, the smoke is going to cool down to a large extent and become laced with some moisture which is going to be less harmful for you and is also going to reduce the chance of burning your mouth.

Using A Glass Water Pipe

A glass water pipe is going to help to reduce additional chemicals in your smoke. If you use plastic or aluminum water pipes, you are not going to get the same reduction of chemicals. It is always best to go with a glass water pipe. Some great tips for care include:

Clean the Water Pipe After Each Use:

You will want to clean your glass water pipe regularly. You do not want to reuse the dirty water or cleaning solutions because it is not healthy to do so. If you neglect to clean your glass water pipe it is going to cancel out part of the filtering effect that you are getting when you are going with a glass water pipe.

If you are not going to clean your glass water pipe, you might as well go with a cheap alternative pipe. The best thing you can do for your glass water pipe is to make sure that you clean your pipe thoroughly and regularly.

Great for Casual Use:

Glass water pipes are great for casual use. Your glass water pipe filters out a number of carcinogens every time you inhale which is going to be very important. Glass water pipes are going to drive the smoke deeper and faster into your lungs, so you should always use your glass water pipe in moderation if you want to avoid canceling out these health benefits with overusing it.


Not everyone likes to use a glass water pipe but if you do, you are going to get a better smoke with less carcinogens.

Glass water pipes are effective devices that can help filter out the toxic elements and leave you a clean vapor to inhale time and time again.



Saturday, August 6, 2016

Oil Rigs: A Primer

An oil rig is a type of concentrate pipe that is used to smoke your legal essential oils and concentrates. These oil rigs are designed to hold and make use of a nail made from titanium, quartz or glass that are heated with a hand-held torch.

TAG's thickest glass oil rig (10mm)The person that is using an oil rig will dab a small amount of the extract onto the hot nail that will trigger the concentrates to give off a vapor that the smoker will then inhale.

Dabbing is done at high temperatures, but the oil rig is not going to create combustion, which will in turn give you a cleaner and more pure inhalation experience.

Small Mouthpieces On Your Rig

If you have a small mouthpiece on your concentrate rig, it is going to let you taste the vapor better. On the other hand, when smoking flowers, you will get a large hit if you smoke with a wide mouthpiece.

When you dab, you are not going to have to pull a bowl over in order to clear the chamber. The nail in the oil rig is going to allow air to constantly pass through the piece. Small mouthpieces are not going to dampen your chances of finishing a dab but are going to allow you to truly appreciate the taste of the vapor you are smoking.

Smaller Oil Rigs

If you have a smaller oil rig, it is going to also theoretically provide you with more flavor. There is no real reason you have to use a big water pipe as a dab rig. The more volume you have means that the more room you are going to have for the vapor to lose potency and dissipate. To get the best flavor, you may want to look for glass that is on the smaller side.

Water Filtration

There is nothing worse than taking a dab out of a dry rig. Some rigs are made to be used without water, but it is not recommended that you take a lung full of concentrates without allowing it to cool off in the water first. For mobility and convention, you may want to have a waterless rig, but it is not recommended to use this type of rig daily.


Smoke can be harsh on your lungs and throat but with the use of internal glass percolators, you will get a smooth hit time and time again. Water is definitely your best friend when dabbing and not as much percolation is going to be required for your concentrates, as opposed to flowers.

You should look for percolators that are not completely complex because they are not going to chop up your water up too much but they are going to cool off the dabs, giving you the best smoke possible.

Glass Joints On Your Rig

Not all glass joints are going to be of the same size. The glass joints on your rig are going to come in sizes of 10 mm, 14 mm or 18 mm.

The size of the joint is what is going to determine the amount of airflow. The sex of the joint is what is going to determine the kind of nail you should purchase. If you have a small rig, 10 mm is going to be the preferred size because there is going to be more restriction on the dabbing.

Female nails are going to tend to drip reclaim on the outside of the joint and are commonly known for getting stuck to the glass, which can be avoided as long as you treat it with proper care.

Male nails are great but the titanium nails are better off in a dropdown in order to prevent glass expansion.

It is always important to always research your options to determine what exactly you are looking for in your next oil rig.

Our collection is here:



Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thick Glass Pipes - Why They Rule

One of the most important factors that you should consider before you purchase a glass water pipe is the thickness and quality and the glass. The thicker and better quality of glass piece you have, the better your pipe is going to be, and the longer it will TAG specializes in thick glass water pipeslast.

Glass Quality

The quality of your glass piece is important because it will let you know the strength of the glass. You do not want to purchase a low end glass piece that is not of good quality because the glass may be weak and have flaws, which means it could break easily.

The higher quality of glass you have, the stronger and more pristine the glass is going to be. The quality of the glass piece you have is often determined by the material the glass is made out of. It's critical to note, of course, that quality is also determined by the skill level of the glass blower making the glass piece.

You are going to find that most brand name glass pieces (like Thick Ass Glass, of course) are made in the United States and are made of high quality borosilicate glass (which is the same material that is used to make glass for lab equipment).

Some glass water pipes that you will find at your local head shop are most likely going to be made of a low quality Chinese glass. You can tell what the skill level of the glass blower was by simply looking at the glass piece you have. If you have clean joint welds in the glass piece, it is a sign that a talented glass blower created your glass piece.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of your glass piece is definitely going to affect the weight and durability of the glass piece. The thickness of a glass piece is usually counted in millimeters. You will find glass thickness typically ranges from 3 mm to 12 mm. Usually, the thickest of glass pieces that you will find is 9 mm, although in many cases this is overkill.

Usually, 5-7mm will be a great level of thickness, with above 10mm being a good call for the base (although again, not totally necessary).

The thicker glass piece you have, the more durable and heavy weight your water pipe is going to be. The heaviness of the glass, of course is more of a personal preference.

If you are looking for the best thick glass pipe that you can find and you have to pick between higher quality versus thicker glass, you should go with the better quality.

You can have an 8 mm thick water pipe, but if the glass quality is poor, it is not going to be as good as a good quality of glass that has a 4 mm thickness. Of course, with a name like Thick Ass Glass, you never have to make the sacrifice. Our water pipe selection features very thick glass, and top notch quality:

Thin Glass Can Be Brittle

If you have thin glass on your pipe or oil rig, it is going to heat up faster but the piece is not going to last very long. If you are looking for a good piece, you are not going to want to go with anything under 3.5 mm in thickness.

Glass pieces that are between 4 and 5 mm are going to be sturdy glass pieces but if you want an extremely durable glass piece, you may want to go thicker.

And it goes without saying that you are going to want to stay away from glass pieces that are made in China because the glass is going to be much thinner than glass water pipes that are made in the United States.