Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Smoking Accessories For Cheap During TAG's Holiday Sale

When is there a better time to save money on smoking accessories than Thick Ass Glass' amazing holiday sale? We're not sure. In fact, it may not exist. This is a serious sale that many glass enthusiast wait all year for. Well, it's here, people. Time to stock up on some excellent glass items.


Alright, so hands up anyone that has dropped a slide in their porcelain sink? Who have had one slip through their fingers during a session, and crash heavily onto the floor. Well, if ever there was a time to buy some extra slides, friends, it's now.

The TAG Pinched Screen Slide With Handle, particularly the On-Sale Black Label 18mm version, is literally at wholesale-type prices. Do you know anywhere else that you can get a solid, thick glass slide for under $3? We don't either. The regular version, labeled or not, no matter the color, is under $6.

Don't forget to also take a look at the newer version of this TAG slide, the Built In Screen Slide With Handle. Also under six bones. Tons of designs. 14 and 18mm sizes.

Great design, superb functionality, and with the screen built in. If you haven't picked up a few extra slides, what exactly are you waiting for?

Drop Down Adapters

Find that your water pipe's main joint is a little too high for your ashcatcher plus a reclaim adapter? Worry not, oh smoking accessory loving friend. With TAG drop down adapters, such as the 1" dropdown, you can adjust your slide's height with very little problem at all. Need to go seriously lower because you're rockin' one of TAG's massive 21" Sextuple Honeycomb Water Pipe? Not a problem. You're going to want to look at the 2" drop down. This is one of those accessories that rarely, if ever, goes on sale. Why not pick up a couple for your glass collection today?

Keck Clips

Have you lost good slides or ash catchers due to random smoking accidents? Hey... it happens. Let's face it, a lot of your water pipe's stress points are at risk when you use an ashcatcher, sadly. How many times have we pulled up a slide only to discover the whole ashcatcher was coming with it? That the drop down you just bought has decided to "stick" to your new slide?

With Keck Clips like these, you really shouldn't have to worry again. Keck clips allow you to firmly attach dropdown adapters, slides or ashcatchers to your water pipe so that it's locked in, and ready to go. For a little over $2, this is the kind of insurance policy that practically every smoker can afford. Get a few now and save yourself a lot of pain!

Reclaim Catchers

Always thought about getting a reclaim catcher for your water pipe, but perhaps a little shy of coin? How about the TAG Universal Reclaim Catcher Adapter for under $10? How about the same thick glass construction that goes into all of our glass pipes? Did we mention this thing is Universal? Get your reclaim happening now and start benefiting from this reclaimer's sweet dividends.


As a final note, we would be hugely remiss if we did not mention one of the most breakable accessories in the smoking world: the Downstem. TAG features a full line of multiple sizes of downstem, all of them featured here. Being TAG products, though, there's more than just your boring, mildly slitted ends. Nope, a creative smoker will want to check out the TAG 18mm Matrix Downstem. Truly superb diffusion for under $15.

Meanwhile, this amazing 18mm 9 Arm Tree Perc Downstem is pretty much the bee's knees when it comes to thick, awesomely diffusing downstems. We dare you to find better diffusion! Double dare, even.

That's not it in terms of smoking accessories, of course. Remember that virtually everything is on sale during Thick Ass Glass' Black Friday Super Sale.

Hey, it's "Super" because it lasts a month! Get your glass smoking accessories today and save big time.




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