Saturday, August 6, 2016

Oil Rigs: A Primer

An oil rig is a type of concentrate pipe that is used to smoke your legal essential oils and concentrates. These oil rigs are designed to hold and make use of a nail made from titanium, quartz or glass that are heated with a hand-held torch.

TAG's thickest glass oil rig (10mm)The person that is using an oil rig will dab a small amount of the extract onto the hot nail that will trigger the concentrates to give off a vapor that the smoker will then inhale.

Dabbing is done at high temperatures, but the oil rig is not going to create combustion, which will in turn give you a cleaner and more pure inhalation experience.

Small Mouthpieces On Your Rig

If you have a small mouthpiece on your concentrate rig, it is going to let you taste the vapor better. On the other hand, when smoking flowers, you will get a large hit if you smoke with a wide mouthpiece.

When you dab, you are not going to have to pull a bowl over in order to clear the chamber. The nail in the oil rig is going to allow air to constantly pass through the piece. Small mouthpieces are not going to dampen your chances of finishing a dab but are going to allow you to truly appreciate the taste of the vapor you are smoking.

Smaller Oil Rigs

If you have a smaller oil rig, it is going to also theoretically provide you with more flavor. There is no real reason you have to use a big water pipe as a dab rig. The more volume you have means that the more room you are going to have for the vapor to lose potency and dissipate. To get the best flavor, you may want to look for glass that is on the smaller side.

Water Filtration

There is nothing worse than taking a dab out of a dry rig. Some rigs are made to be used without water, but it is not recommended that you take a lung full of concentrates without allowing it to cool off in the water first. For mobility and convention, you may want to have a waterless rig, but it is not recommended to use this type of rig daily.


Smoke can be harsh on your lungs and throat but with the use of internal glass percolators, you will get a smooth hit time and time again. Water is definitely your best friend when dabbing and not as much percolation is going to be required for your concentrates, as opposed to flowers.

You should look for percolators that are not completely complex because they are not going to chop up your water up too much but they are going to cool off the dabs, giving you the best smoke possible.

Glass Joints On Your Rig

Not all glass joints are going to be of the same size. The glass joints on your rig are going to come in sizes of 10 mm, 14 mm or 18 mm.

The size of the joint is what is going to determine the amount of airflow. The sex of the joint is what is going to determine the kind of nail you should purchase. If you have a small rig, 10 mm is going to be the preferred size because there is going to be more restriction on the dabbing.

Female nails are going to tend to drip reclaim on the outside of the joint and are commonly known for getting stuck to the glass, which can be avoided as long as you treat it with proper care.

Male nails are great but the titanium nails are better off in a dropdown in order to prevent glass expansion.

It is always important to always research your options to determine what exactly you are looking for in your next oil rig.

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