Friday, August 26, 2016

Cooling Down Your Smoke

If you want to cool down your smoke, it is as easy as using ice or glycerol. The following will explain in detail how you can easily do this process.

Thick glass water pipe with ice pinchUsing Ice to Cool Down Your Smoke

Water pipes do a lot in order to cool down your smoke just by filtering the hot, ash filled air through water. There are many people, even after running smoke through percolators, that believe the smoke created is still too harsh for them.

There are many different water pipes that will use an ice pinch, which is a tried and true method of cooling the smoke even more after it has passed through the water. Using ice is a wonderful way to cool hot smoke in order to make it condense and create a more powerful hit while also making it easier for you to inhale. This is especially true for smokers that have sensitive throats or lungs. TAG does sell some pretty cool water pipe ready ice cube molds here:

There are also kits that are available that allow you to smoke out of a smoke piece of ice that is molded into a functioning water pipe. Ice is very nice when you are looking for a cool smoke but it is going to have a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

When you use ice in an ice pinch, the melting is going to cause the water level to rise and this is very possible that it will cause a reduction in the functionality of the water pipe and it is also going to increase the chance of you getting water inside your mouth.

Using Glycerol to Cool Down Your Smoke

Glycerol (otherwise known as glycerin) is a simple compound that is made out of sugar alcohol and boasts a wide variety of useful attributes. Glycerin is useful to the functional glass industry because of the fact that it has an extremely high freezing point, which means that it can be cooled down to extreme temperatures without freezing and expanding.

Water pipes that utilize glycerin are going to have a hollow cavity somewhere on the piece that can be filled with glycerin. It will then need to be sealed either with a rubber stopper or a small amount of molten glass that is will be melted over the hole. Water could not be used for this purpose because it would expand in the freezer and crack the glass that houses it.

Beakers that have simple glycerin chambers with tubes going through the built in glycerin are going to provide you with more surface area available for cooling your smoke.

There are many ways that glass blowers create more surface area for smoke to travel through glycerin chambers. One common way to increase the surface area that is affected by the cooling power of glycerin is by the use of a glycerin coil. There are a wide variety of water pipes that have these glycerin coils.

To help save on freezer space, there are some glass blowers that include the glycerin chamber on a detachable portion of the piece. Beakers with a massive glycerin coil on a detachable neck can be kept in the freezer to cool while the beaker is filled with water and the bowl is filled. There are even some water pipes that can be modified to be a glycerin piece with the inclusion of an adapter.


Glycerin is a great option for cooling down your smoke. Remember, ice is nice to use in order to get your smoke cooled down but the best way to get your smoke cooled down is with the use of glycerin.



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