Friday, May 11, 2018

7 Tips To Make Using Your Dab Rig Even More Amazing

Dab rigs, a type of water pipe, are designed specifically to smoke oils or concentrates. Once you get down the basics of using your dab rig, there are certain methods you can incorporate and steps you can take to make your dabbing experience even more amazing.

1. Always Use Gloves

Concentrate oils are slimy. And touching these oils with bare hands can transfer bacteria from your skin to the oil, causing dilution or contamination.

When you’re ready to smoke, wear gloves to keep your oils contaminant-free.

2. Use A Dedicated Dab Rig

While you can use an attachment for your water pipe to smoke concentrate oils, the residue from the dry herbs smoked in your water pipe can taint the clean flavor of your hit.

The best option is to have a dedicated dab rig so you can enjoy the full flavor without having to deal with any potential aftertastes.

3. Turn Down The Heat

If you or someone you know has had a bad dabbing experience, there’s probably a reason. Experienced unpleasant tastes or chest discomfort? We almost guarantee you’re dabbing at too high of a temperature.

Allowing your dab nail to cool following the heating process is a critical step. When the nail is too hot, the concentrates can combust, leading to a very unpleasant inhalation process. High temperatures can even eliminate the compounds that create the smell and flavoring you paid for.

To avoid these issues, always allow your nail or banger to cool after heating it.

4. Use A Carb Cap

A carb cap is a carburetor for your dab rig. It restricts the amount of airflow to your nail, thus allowing you to collect the last of your oil to punctuate the end of your hit. By capping your nail, you’re basically restricting the airflow into the rig. This reduced airflow places your rig under low pressure, lowering the boiling temperature of your oil and giving you a bloom of thicker, better-tasting smoke.

5. Utilize A Quartz Nail Or Banger

In order to get the best taste from your dab rig, try using a quartz banger or nail. These provide an intensely clean and pure taste when used with your favorite concentrates.

Quartz nails and bangers are also much more durable than glass nails. A banger extends from your dab rig, protecting the rig from the heat of the torch and preventing potential cracks.

6. Clean Your Dab Rig Frequently

To get the most potent hits, your dab rig needs to be clean. And the more frequently you clean it, the easier it will be to clean.

When your dab rig is squeaky clean, you’ll be able to taste your oil concentrates even better, without the lingering taste of old concentrates.

7. Upgrade Your Dab Rig

An easy way to make your experience even more amazing is to upgrade to a  dab rig with a percolator. This sub chamber allows the smoke being created to interact with water and lower the temperature. This ensures a cooler, smoother smoke.

Check out this article to learn more about how a percolator can up your dab rig game.

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