Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Right Way To Clean A Water Pipe

Keeping your water pipe clean is an integral part of prolonging the lifespan of your pipe.

Plus, cleaning your water pipe often will ensure nothing messes with the flavor of your vapor.

If you use your water or glass pipe on a regular basis, it's recommended that you change out the water after every use. Some signs that you might need to give your water pipe a more intensive clean include:

  • A film-like residue on the inside
  • Discolored or smelly water
  • Resin build up
  • Specks starting to appear on the walls of the pipe

Learn how to clean a water pipe and what tools you'll need to keep your water pipe like new.

Tools for Cleaning a Water Pipe

To clean your water pipe, there are several basic tools you'll need. Most of these you might already have around the house. These items include:

  • Pipe cleaner
  • Q-Tips
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Salt
  • Water
  • The water pipe you wish to clean

How to Clean a Water Pipe - Step by Step

Now that you have the tools needed you are ready to start cleaning your water pipe. Follow these steps to keep your water pipes clean.

Step 1

Begin the cleaning process by pouring salt onto the stem and the bowl of your water pipe. Make sure to not pour so much salt that rubbing alcohol will be blocked from passing through.

Step 2

Now that the water pipe has the salt added, pour in the rubbing alcohol. Plug the mouthpiece and joint of the water pipe  then lightly shake to combine the two.

Step 3

Rinse out the salt and rubbing alcohol mixture with warm water. Use the pipe cleaners or Q-tips on the harder to reach areas of the water pipe if residue or build up is still present.

If there is still significant build up after this step, consider soaking your water pipe in a rubbing alcohol bath overnight. Soaking your water pipe overnight will help clean the harder to reach areas like the bowl and slides.

Step 4

Rinse with water again, and then you are done with the cleaning process. And most importantly, you are ready to use your water pipe!

Keeping Your Water Pipe Clean In Between

Your water pipe is now shiny and like new! If you use your water pipe regularly, it's recommended to use this cleaning method once a week. Also rinse your pipe with hot water after each use to make sure it stays relatively clean in between cleanings with the rubbing alcohol and salt method.

By taking good care of your water pipes and using this cleaning method, you can keep your pipe in top shape, no matter how much you use it.

source https://www.thickassglass.com/blogs/enlightenment/water-pipe-cleaning


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