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4 Reasons To Own A Quartz Banger | Thick Ass Glass

4 Reasons To Own A Quartz Banger

What is a quartz banger, you’re wondering? A quartz banger is a type of dab nail made of quartz. If you didn’t pay attention when the teacher was talking about rocks and minerals, then here’s a quick refresher. Quartz may look like glass, but it isn’t. Quartz is another type of mineral or crystal. It’s actually one of the most abundant minerals on the earth’s surface. And quartz bangers have a range of benefits compared to glass and titanium nails.

The Durability of A Quartz Banger

One of the best things about quartz bangers is that they will last you a long time. In fact, quartz is said to be one the most durable minerals. It’s used for its hardness properties in many industries. This makes quartz bangers more durable than either a glass or a ceramic type nail banger. The durability factor alone could be a great reason to look into getting a quartz banger.

Tasteless! Quartz Bangers Are Tasteless!

Another huge reason quartz bangers have gone viral in the last few years is that of their tastelessness. When you get pure quartz, which we have, then you get quartz made from pure silica sands, so there are no other chemicals released from the quartz when you heat it. This allows you taste only what you put in it.

Quartz Bangers Are Heat Resilient

On top of being so durable overall, quartz bangers are also very resistant to heat. Even if you use them daily,  don’t have to worry about the quartz breaking from the heat of the torch. You can get your quartz banger red hot without worry.

Quartz Banger Are Easy to Clean

Another benefit of the quartz is that, while it can take high heat, for the most part, quartz bangers can be used effectively with relatively low heat. After using your banger with low heat, it’s very easy to wipe away the remains. Unlike other devices, clean-up is so easy you should always have a piece that looks like new. Most folks will clean the banger with a Q-Tip when finished.

Quartz Bangers At Thick Ass Glass

Thick Ass Glass is the place to go when you’re looking for a reliable and durable quartz banger. We have a fantastic selection of quality quartz products including quartz bangers, carb caps, domeless quartz nails and much more. Browse our products and find the quartz banger for you today.


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