Thursday, March 29, 2018

Most Popular Quartz Bangers

Most Popular Quartz Bangers at Thick Ass Glass

When it comes to dab nails, quartz bangers are all the rage these days! With the explosion of concentrates onto the scene, we have seen more and more sales of this product. Now, our name is Thick Ass Glass, and we specialize in glass. But even we love quartz bangers. There are many reasons you might prefer a quartz banger over another type of dab nail, including durability, heat resistance, and easy cleaning. Check out our top quartz bangers below.


Take this high air flow quartz banger. You get the high quality of the TAG brand, the benefits of quartz and the added air flow for a better hit. This quartz banger is available in a variety of sizes. From 10MM to 18MM and in both male or female presets.


As an evolution of the high air flow, the trough quartz banger leaves more room for concentrates. The opening of the banger is cupped to extend the amount of concentrate that you’ll be able to use. That makes it extra efficient, and it still comes at an affordable price. The quartz on this banger is FDA approved quartz crystal. It comes in sizes ranging from 10MM all the way up to 18MM. You also have the option of choosing either a male or a female piece.


This quartz banger has a special knack for holding heat longer. Since you’re looking at purchasing a banger, you know that you have to use a torch to heat up any dab nail, then apply the concentrate. Most of the time, you may be rushing with the torch and other pieces to get the perfect hit. With this quartz banger, you can stop rushing! It stays hot longer, so you can relax and enjoy the process. The conical pyramid quartz banger has a quartz thickness of 2MM. If you’re looking for a banger that’s extremely reliable, durable, affordable and easy to use, check this one out.

More Quartz Bangers At Thick Ass Glass

Thick Ass Glass is the place to go when you’re looking for a reliable and durable quartz banger. We have a fantastic selection of other high-quality quartz products, including more quartz bangers, carb caps, domeless quartz nails and much more. Browse our products and find the quartz banger for you today.


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