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Breaking Down Different Shapes and Sizes of Glass Dab Rigs and Oil Rigs | Thick Ass Glass

Oil Rigs and Dab Rigs — Their Different Shapes and Sizes and Why They Matter

When you’re choosing an oil rig or dab rig, the first thing to consider is quality. But if you’re buying from Thick Ass Glass, you’re already covered there. So the next thing to figure out is the size and shape. There’s no right or wrong choice, but the oil rig or dab rig you choose will affect how you can use it — specifically, what accessories will work and how much you can smoke at once. Read on to find out what questions to think about.

Is The Joint For Your Dab Rig Male or Female

No, we aren’t talking about the joint paper you use. We’re talking about the joint shape of a dab or oil rig. The joints can be either male or female, and they also come in various sizes. Now, this is not a sex education class, but the concept is basically the same. The male joint piece can go inside of a female joint piece, and a female joint piece can slide over a male joint piece. It’s not too hard to see if the joint piece you’ve selected is a male or female. You’ll just have to look at the “parts.” If you are using a female joint piece, then all your accessories must be male pieces, and vice versa.

What’s The Proper Joint Size For Your Dab Rig?

After you find out the sex of the joint piece you need for your dab rig, take a moment and look at the actual circumference of the hole. All joint sizes are not created equal, but every joint size is created for a purpose. Take a look at the advantages of the different sizes below, and find the right size for your dab rig.

10MM Joint Size

You may never encounter the 10MM joint size for dab rigs, but just so you know,  it exists. This joint size is rare, but it has a special purpose for specialized water pipes. In some cases, this one is known as the nano joint or the mini joint.

14MM Joint Size

The 14MM joint size is a more commonly seen joint size among dab and oil rigs. These joint sizes are perfect because they aren’t too big and they aren’t small either. If you’re not sure what size joint you currently have, there is a trick you can use. Place a dime on the opening of the hole; if it doesn’t fit, it’s a 14MM joint size.

18MM Joint Size

The 18MM can fit a dime, and it’s normally meant for larger dab rigs. This is also a very common joint size that can hold a lot at one time.

Knowing the size of your joint will also help you find the correct size downstem. We can teach you all about downstems another time. For now, just remember: If it’s made by Thick Ass Glass, it’s built to last.

Choosing The Right Dab Rig

The world of water pipes is at your fingertips. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find a wide variety of options, including different sizes, percolators, and downstems. If you still have questions about our reliable and sturdy glass, please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives.


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